The all terrain vehicles I'm working on right now

About: The ATVs Nick Harris Is Building

Some of you have been asking me to share more pictures of the ATVs I’m working on. While my ATV site wasn’t designed to be about my work, I built it to show off YOUR works, I thought I’d put together this blog for you to take a peak at. I don’t have as much free time as I’d like so it may take some time for me to update this blog so please be patient.

In the mean time you can check out some of the more helpful pages on ATV Style such as the ATV VIN NUMBER page if you’re having trouble deciphering your ATV vin or you can take a minute to leave me a note about your favorite ATV riding location so that I can include it in the Clubs and trails section.

I’m also considering running another vote similar to the previous which is the best ATV poll I ran, let me know if you think it needs updating and how you’d like to work. Fairness is important, I’m working on some ideas right now. When I get a little more feedback from you on what you want to see I’ll begin posting more projects on this blog, as well as in Style. You can help by telling a friend to check it out too!

Until then keep the rubber side down and ride safe!

ATV Engines

Nick Harris – ATV Style


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